The Burning of Columbia

This week is the 150th anniversary of the Burning of Columbia, South Carolina, my hometown. Not long ago, I ran across the special commemorative section that both daily Columbia newspapers published 50 years ago at the time of the 100th anniversary. My mother saved special sections of newspapers like this, and I’ll be sharing more in the upcoming weeks.


The winter storm that was predicted earlier seems to have bypassed the Columbia area, which is a good thing for any events that may be held this week in observation of the burning.

I wish I could say the same thing about the Upstate, where I now live. The picture below is my deck. Sleet has been falling here off and on for the last two or so hours, and I’m sure things will get interesting when it gets dark and the temperature drops just a bit. Even though we’ve had little in the way of winter weather this year (aside from some cold temps), I’m over it. Bring on spring!


Since Monday night activities have been cancelled for my family, that gives me extra time to work on my scrapbooks.


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