Winter Blahs and a Burning of Columbia App

The past couple of weeks at my house have been interesting, to say the least. One child had flu (he’s fine now), the other is having a skin reaction to something, we just can’t figure out what. And then there was the weather- 50 mile per hour winds followed by ice followed by more wind and single digit temps. I live in South Carolina, for goodness sake! The ice was pretty and brought no destruction or power outages to my house, so I am grateful.

The pictures below are scenes from my house. Remember, I am not a fabulous photographer, but I’m pleased with the way these turned aout





Now, on to another subject. As I’ve previously posted, my hometown of Columbia, SC is observing the 150th anniversary of the Burning of Columbia, which occurred during the final weeks of the Civil War. I’ve not been able to travel to Columbia to attend any of the commemorative events, and I’m kind of sad about that, but I’ve discovered what looks to be a really fun teaching tool about the burning. A new, interactive app will soon be available for purchase, and I plan to buy it. I’m cheap and I like free apps, but I’m happy to buy this one as I am very interested in the subject matter and 100% of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital in Columbia.

For more information, check out


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