Storing Clothing and Other Items Made From Fabric

I’ve already shared how I’m going about organizing and saving my photos and other paper memorabilia. But, I also have some clothes, blankets, but  and other items made from fabric that I’m saving as well. I needed some storage containers that were meant for storing and protecting such items, so I went online to look around.

There weren’t many things to choose from. I decided to order  two Large Archival Garment Storage Box from The Container Store just to see how they would work.  These boxes are acid and lignin free, and came with tissue paper for wrapping.

What is going in the boxes?  

A size 3T Masters shirt, worn by my boys

One of my baby dresses

A stuffed Peter Rabbit, which was a baby gift

A Cub Scout neckerchief, along with some pins

A outfit my mother bought for my younger son when he was born (maybe we need to work on getting the spit up stains out)

We’ll start with these things.  I’lll more items as I find them.


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