Who Remembers This Day?

  This is part of the front page of my hometown newspaper, the day after the first humans stepped onto the moon.  This happened the summer before I started first grade, and I remember it well.  I was allowed to watch special news coverage on TV, some of which occurred after my bedtime.  My parents, normally sticklers for bedtimes, encouraged me to stay up and watch, as this was history in the making.
  I also found this notice in the newspaper.  Apparently, some of the banks in Columbia thought it was a big enough deal that they closed for a day.  Can’t say I remember anything about banks or other businesses closing, but this is an indicator of what a big deal the moon landing was.


I’m Back….With My Latest Find From the Archives

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here.  The end of school and the first few weeks of summer are always crazy busy at my house.  But now I’m back with lots to share from recent trips and my personal archives.  Today, I’m sharing something that will bring back some memories of school.
  Remember these?  They’re still being published, although they’re now a part of Schlastic (another longtime educational publishing house).  This particular issue came out when I was in second grade…..a long time ago.
I have no idea why this was saved, or who decided to save it (was either my mom or me).  As a kid I always liked money, especially the spending part, to the point that my parents thought they were raising a major spendthrift, no matter what they tried (this has since changed).  But, saving it could have been a random thing, too.  

My own kids were not exposed to Weekly Readers in school, though they bought many books from the company’s book club. In fact, they had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned Weekly Reader or Scholastic’s similar offering.  

I can’t say that Weekly Reader was a huge part  of my education.  But I do remember reading and discussing some interesting articles with my classmates.  Yet, it brings back fun memories from my childhood and I am glad this was saved, for whatever reason.