Two Old Postcards

When’s the last time anyone has sent you a post card?  I’m sure it’s been years since I’ve received one.  Now, we have social media where we can instantly share pictures of our vacations with nearly everyone we know.  Postcards may still be found in many tourist attraction gift shops, though I wonder how many are actually sold.

I’ve always been fascinated by postcards, and will still occasionally buy one.  Back in the day when people still wrote letters and postcards, I often mailed postcards home when I was traveling.  I never was much of a letter writer, but I would take the time to jot down a brief note on a postcard.

As I was going through my parents’ possessions, I found what I ‘m sure was every postcard I ever sent them.  Both my parents kept many letters and cards they’d received over the year, so I wasn’t really surprised.  Someday I’ll share a few of them here.

I also found some of the postcards I bought as I was reorganizing some of my own memorabilia during the summer.  Today, I’m posting two of my favorites.  

 I bought this one at Pawleys Island, SC about 20 years ago.  Pawleys is one of my favorite places, and this card depicts The Gray Man, a ghost that supposedly appears on the island when a hurricane is approaching.
  This is a postcard of Trinity Episcopal Church (now Trinity Cathedral) in Columbia.  I found it in an antique store in Landrum, SC some years ago.  The postmark on it is 1960.
I’ll be back later with more postcards to share.


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