Travel Tuesday- Thomas Wolfe Boyhood Home Asheville, NC


Several weeks ago, I had an opportunity to tag along with my husband on a work trip to Asheville, NC.  As we were walking from the hotel to a restaurant for dinner, we passed the Thomas Wolfe Boyhood Home.  I’d toured the house many (I hate to think how many) years ago on a class field trip when I was in high school.  I knew the house was in downtown Asheville, but had no idea where.  Honestly, I hadn’t thought about the house in years, but suddenly, there it was right in front of me.


Travel Tuesday- Old St. David’s Episcopal Church

  This is Old St. David’s Episcopal Church in Cheraw, SC, circa 1770.  It was the last church built when the Anglican Church was considered the official church of the colony of South Carolina.  While regular services are no longer held in this building, visitors may obtain a key from the local chamber of commerce during business hours and tour the building.
I didn’t get to tour as my son and I were passing through town on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe next time as I’d love to see the interior.

Travel Tuesday

This is the first post in a weekly series.  I was going through pictures recently and realized just how many great places in the Carolinas I visited over the last few months.  While most of my pictures are from the iPhone, I thought they turned out well.  So, here goes……

On Labor Day, my family traveled to DuPont State Forest near Brevard, NC.  Living in SC’s Upstate means we are less than an hour from many great mountain attractions.  We like hiking and biking at DuPont, and I annoy my family by stopping often to take pictures.

I don’t know what kind of butterfly this is.

  Not the most spectacular falls in the forest, but nice nonetheless.
  A sign of early fall?  A result of the drought?  I’ve heard both explanations.