Three Clemson Cadets

 Here are three cadets from what was then called Clemson Agricultural and Mechanical College, circa 1913.   One of them may have been my paternal grandfather.  I’ve found several photos taken at Clemson during my grandfather’s time there, but none were labeled.  I recognize the buildings in those photos, but couldn’t tell you which, if any of the people were my grandfather.  Most of the people who could have told me are no longer with us.

This is not the only group of pictures I’ve found that weren’t labeled.  Most of those photos, I’m sure, are around 100 years old. I don’t think I know anyone left who can help me identify anyone.

The obvious lesson here is that pictures should be labeled.  I’ve not always done such a good job with that with my own photos.  But, now is the time to start.


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