Welcome to Coneflower Hill!  This blog was started as a way to document the process of organizing my family’s photos and other memorabilia  This includes many items that belonged to my parents and grandparents.  Most of these items don’t have much monetary value, but they are meaningful to me.  Constructive reader input is welcome as I go about this  project as I’m not an expert at any of this.

I am, as my tagline says, a vintage girl,  Isn’t that a much nice description than saying I’m middle aged?  But, that’s not the only thing vintage about me, as  I’ve always loved old things, from books to jewelry to furniture.  I’m also a long time history nerd, beginning with a family trip to Colonial Williamsburg over 40 years ago.  South Carolina has been my home for my entire life, and I’m sure that will be reflected in many of my postings.

Where does my title come from?  Well…where I live there are coneflowers growing on a hill.  Coneflowers are native to South Carolina, and they are one of my favorite perennials, probably because they can survive in my care.





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